Hello everyone!
Hope the end of the summer went by smoothly for you and your families. Since the last round of comic classes wrapped I had been doing some workshops and other comic and animation stuff that I’ve been meaning to get to (one of which will be ready by October for free to kids in these classes), and I’m excited to bring some of what I’ve been learning and working with to another round of comic classes for your kids for the Fall!
As always, you do not need a Zoom account to sign up. And registration is simply sending the $165 via my PayPal or Venmo. Once I get a quick word of that from you, I can send you the Zoom link for when we start!
The discount from before still applies though, so if a parent has two kids being signed up, as opposed to $330, it’d be a 50% discount off one of those tickets to $247 total!
Please let me know if any of you folks have any questions or other comments! All of this info will also be available on my website too for easy reference or sharing for any other friends or family in the event you feel they’d be interested!!
As always, thank you so much for the support and trust in my teaching and work throughout this difficult time, it means a ton and I’m grateful to be helping your kids develop their creative potential further.
All the best,