Due to the current pandemic, learning serious and fun things is taking place online. To keep our brains positively stimulated and our spirits up, I am launching an independent kids comic workshop on ZOOM, through my own XSCAPIST UNIVERSITY, this Friday, April 3rd at 4pm!
This workshop, which will go from 4-5:30pm, will be one that covers some principles of character and comic design I’ve learned from my time across conventions nationwide, as well as my own comic itself, broken down into a digestible format for a youthful audience of kids. The pricing is $30 for the 1.5 hours via my PayPal or Venmo (My PayPal.me is here and Venmo is @Xscapist). As I’ve previously mentioned, the workshop will be on Zoom (which you won’t need a Zoom account to be on), so there’ll be an online chatroom to share questions and comments as we go, as well as the chance to see me live demonstrate/draw each step as we go.
If it’s been a little while, my name is LJ! I’m a cartoonist local to Boston that specializes in comics, animation, and art education. I do an all-ages graphic novel series entitled COMIXSCAPE featuring the exploits of a perpetual preteen boy named Tyler Wesley and his best friend, a raccoon with a ravenous appetite named Rocky. The series has been adapted into a motion comic I’ve produced and directed, as well as a character-song based mixtape EP entitled COMIXTAPE set for release later this year.
So far it has been collected into a trio of books with a fourth on the way for this year too! I’ve had the opportunity to do work for companies like Hasbro, Google, and most recently WGBH for COMIXSCAPE kids workshop segment attached to their PBS cartoon Pinkalicious set to air with their Season 2 premiere on Monday, March 30th at 11am (please check your local listings!).
I thank you for your time and support. I hope to see you all at XSCAPIST UNIVERSITY, this Friday, April 3rd at 4pm! Links to the scheduled event will be sent out as folks register their spot! I can be contacted via my ComixscapistLJ(at)Gmail.com email for confirmation!
With gratitude,