Hey everyone!
So first off, I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that was able to attend the previous workshop a couple weeks back! I’m immensely grateful for the support giving me a chance to keep teaching comics with kids, especially with my regular teaching gigs on ice for the time being. So whether you’ve gotten to attend, or share it with someone that may be interested, THANK YOU! It means more than you know.
I also wanted to quickly note that the official YouTube upload of my PBS COMIXSCAPE workshop segment is now up! Check it out here if you missed the airing a couple weeks ago!
One thing that’s been missing for a lot of us lately has been structure. Bearing that in mind, and keeping into account the Eliot school’s closure for the Spring as well, I’ve conceptualized an XSCAPIST UNIVERSITY 5-week comics course over ZOOM!
This course (1.5 hours per class) will take place on Fridays and Saturdays (check the listing for when your class would be!) for the rest of the Spring and culminate with a free, exclusive workbook I’ll be sending out to all participants at the end of the course! This will be around 15-20 pages in length filled with comics, design, and storytelling exercises and tips for all ages to utilize for their own work!
Like before, you won’t need a Zoom account to be part of this course! Also there’ll be an online chatroom to share questions and comments as we go, as well as the chance to see me live demonstrate/draw each step as we go.
Another thing of note is that there are FOUR different classes being offered here for several different age groups. Comics I will of course be for the youngest kids, II for the older kids with some experience, and Teen for teenagers looking to continue sharpening their skills and learn more technical fundamentals. I’m also offering an adult class as well that’ll be set for adults looking to be visually creative and learn how to utilize this art form in their own way.
Like last time, registration is via my PayPal or Venmo, only this time please be sure to send me a quick email (ComixscapistLJ(at)gmail(dot)com) to confirm for me which class your registration is for! This way I’ll have you added to the proper list for the appropriate time!
Also, for any parents that wish to sign up for the adult Sequential Storytelling class as well as sign up their child for one of the other classes, you receive 50% off your class’s registration! So, if it is just one parent and kid the total would be at $225 as opposed to the $300.
Again, I thank you for your time and support. I hope to see you all at XSCAPIST UNIVERSITY, this Friday, May 8th starting at 2pm! Links to the scheduled classes will be sent out as folks register their spot! Excited to continue and build upon the momentum!
With gratitude,