I’m glad to be writing a bit more Milo. He’s a character from way back when I was first making comic books as a kid. His personality was probably one of the more consistent ones but when bringing him back for Comixscape it’s been completely tossed out the window. I enjoy writing him with Nia too and I hope to go a bit more into their friendship at some point. I love his little concern for her here in panel 7 and how he stays by her helping her out while still being a pain.

One of the trickier things of doing an ongoing comic (or really any story) is using your best judgment on what to depict/explain and what not to. I’ve had to make peace recently with the fact that many things I’ve thought out and pieced together for certain characters and their history may never be fully depicted in the actual comic due to potentially disrupting the current flow.

OK RAMBLY BLOG POST OVER, see you Friday for the final page this week!