….that jontron reference do anything for ya

SO. As you can probably tell, Chapter 4 is wrapping up, with not much more than a couple weeks left at this point. After a ton of careful consideration, I’ve decided to put the comic on a break after Chapter 4 wraps up this month.There were many reasons for this, including projects related to Comixscape and my comic/art goals in general that I’ve slacked on giving proper attention to due to trying to stay more on top of updates, which hasn’t proved super fruitful lately due to other stuff I’ve had on my plate. I don’t want to give excuses or bore anyone with the details, so instead of stumbling with updates and risking the overall quality I (and you guys!) seek in a typical Comixscape page going down, I’d rather step back for a bit, build up a proper buffer, and keep the standards rising over time. The comic is really special to me and while it frustrates me to place it on a break again, I also realize this is for the betterment of it.

Good news is one of these several projects I mentioned is a Comixscape-related one that’ll be out next month! You can see some more info on that following the end of this chapter. So we can look for Comixscape to return this Summer, and until then we can sit back and enjoy the rest of Chapter 4. If anyone has any questions about this decision or just wanna express their thoughts, as always drop me a message on comixscapistlj(at)gmail(dot)com!

Ok, see you Monday!